Help documentation question: Search or index

Hi, All,

I’m just looking for a reality check here. Would you be more likely to look in the index in the help (assuming you look at the help at all) or to just use the Search feature. Do you think both are necessary?

I use both.


I use the index mostly, but when I don’t find something with the index, I search… --Mitch

Just out of curiosity, what prevents you from going directly to Search?

For me, I start look on the upper left. I didn’t see or find the Search.

It Search was a tab and it was on top when the Help opens, I would only use it.

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Because I usually know what I’m looking for, the index usually finds exactly what I want, whereas the search finds a number of things and I need to choose… or it finds nothing. For example type ‘curveb’ in Index and CurveBoolean comes up, whereas with Search I get “no topics found” unless I type out the whole thing.

Edit: I guess if it wasn’t clear, I don’t actually scroll through the Index listing, I type in the search box on the Index tab…


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I never noticed the search box on the right. I always got to Index and type in the Search Index box on that tab.


I use both…just my 0.000000001 euros.



I think it’s just fine the way it is. I looked in the index for Displacement yesterday, couldn’t find it because it’s ApplyDisplacement, so went straight to search - success.

But I will now make sure “displacement” and all the other “apply” commands
get in the index.