Wish: resizeable block preview

Hello Rhino Team,

I would like to have the option to increase the size of the block preview in the Block manager, it is so tiny …



Do you mean this thumbnail?


yes, but also this:

I’ll check, but I don’t think this is possible currently.

The thumbnails are created at a fixed pixel size that tries to be a balance between size a speed. Since it’s just a bitmap, there isn’t anything there to Zoom up without it getting really messy.
On a higher resolution monitor like yours, that fixed number of pixels is pretty small. On a standard or low resolution monitor, the thumbnail is pretty big.

We have a similar problem with toolbar icons. Fro V6, I think we are storing multiple bitmaps so they look relatively crisp across the range of resolutions.

Thanks for looking into this… IMHO there should be an option since the majority of users probably use big monitors…




Haven’t you seen any improvement in this problem for several years