Thumbnail View size in Named Views

There is likely a simple answer to this but no one in our studio can answer it.

On new MSI with Rhino7 installed, the Named View thumbnails are excessively large in the side tool bar. It makes it difficult to scroll throw them all and see a full preview. Everyone else in the studio has the thumbnail previews of a size where they can have two previews visible side by side. This is how my last machine was with Rhino5. The rest of the group are all on the same exactly spec’d MSI’s and with the most current version of Rhino7.

So is there are way to change the size of the actual thumbnail previews in the named view tool bar?

Hi Jeff -

We have a feature request for that on the list (RH-37930), but, currently, there is no setting for this.
The fact that your machine is different from the others would point to some display setting, screen scaling, perhaps?
Please run the Rhino SystemInfo command and copy-paste the result here.

As for this one, you could drag the panel out of the side tool bar and resize as you want.
Or use the View Mode -> List option.