Wish: report on command line when selecting closed polysurface?

i often have to check if a polysurface is closed and a solid.

when you select one it reports to the command line that a polysurface is selected. it would be nice if it reported that it was closed as well.

that make sense?

If you have Properties open, with a single selection, it should tell you it’s a closed polysurface.

yeah, but that’s the pain, every time i select one i have to switch to the property palette, i work with a lot of layers so i have that open all the time.

it’s just few extra clicks but since it reports the selection to command line already adding if it closed or just a regular polysurface would streamline things a little bit.

Thanks for the suggestion… filed as https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-59607

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You can have them both open at the same time - I have them docked right side Properties on top and Layers on bottom; or they can be docked one behind the other which just requires one click on the tab. Buy yeah, I understand, especially when several types of objects are selected, Properties just says ‘varies’.

nice! thank you!

tbh, i almost never use the properties panel. the only time i do is to check if it is closed really. i can use my macros and scripts to do the things i need to do in the properties panel, which keeps me in the command line more instead of having to go do extra traveling and clicks.

it sounds kind of petty but since it’s already reporting the selection seemed like it was a logical place to report it too.

what about curves? might be nice there too? maybe i shouldn’t push it though. :wink:

yep, I pitched it with the same logic in what I filed. Curves and meshes would be useful to know about too. I would think that at least what the Properties panel reports would be possible in the command line. Maybe we can even do better than “Varies” but @tim is the cook on this one, I just take the orders :slight_smile:


nice! i appreciate it! thank you

I wonder if those details could be added to the Options > Modeling Aids > Cursor ToolTips as options…

i was going to mention that but i didn’t want to get greedy :wink:

It just seems like a logical place to add them without confusing anyone else.

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i love it!

did this make it into YouTrack by chance? ty

Read the post in this thread from July 23:

ah, it snuck in there! i noticed that it doesn’t match the “properties panel” when selecting multiples. but again i don’t want to push it. :wink:

thank you for getting it in there.