Can't 'shell' - any idea why?


This is strange… Is this a bug? Very simple solid

Shell Bug.3dm (371.0 KB)

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Hi Hannes - the thing is open, even though it looks closed, and somehow hard to close up properly. Still poking…

I Exploded and untrimmed everything, extended a few surfaces to intersect and then CreateSolid to make a whole new polysurface from bits. It is closed and shells correctly as far as I can see.

Shell Bug_PG.3dm (239.4 KB)



Thanks! Is there any idea of implementing a command like “Check Polysurface” in V6 to check open edges and stuff?

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ShowEdges & Check & What



The quick-trick I use to see if a polysurface is closed is ‘Analyze → Mass properties → Volume.’

  • You’ll get a number if its closed everywhere.
  • You’ll get an error is its open anywhere.
  • Then, run ‘Analyze → Edge tools → Show edges’ to find the open problems.


thanks a lot Dave! Will do so!


Properties panel show this information


@Cyver thanks a lot, this is a hidden gem!


@cyver [quote=“Cyver, post:8, topic:38183”]
Properties panel show this information

Awesome tip! I have no idea when they snuck this handy feature into the app. Being self-taught, it happens a lot! Thanks again.

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SelClosedPolysrf is another option for checking, if that has not been mentioned yet - also hey, SelOpenPolysrf !