Interface requests -

I would like to have a panel that gives me immediate feedback as to the validity of an object. As it is now, I’ve to scroll down most every time I need to check if something is closed and/or watertight.

The panel presently provides a great deal of things I’m not interested in and it’s a waste of time constantly scrolling to the pertinent bits.

I want to know if an object is solid and if a set of curves is closed. That’s it.

Secondly, I will have instances where curves used to create a profile are overlapping. I thought curve boolean would remedy this but it doesn’t. If I project a number of curves to a cplane I would like to have a tool that merges them and deletes parts that overlap.

try preselecting the object then use the _Volume command… if it’s solid, the command will complete… if not, you’ll get a warning.

(you don’t have to preselect… it’s faster though for this purpose)

You can use _make2d to delete all overlaping curves. I use this command every time when I get a “dirty” file.

SelClosedSurface and SelClosedPolysurface will work for surface/volume objects - if it lights up, it’s closed.
SelClosedCurve works for curves.

Here is a quickie scriptlet to select all closed surfaces, polysurfaces and curves…

"""Selects all closed surfaces, polysurfaces and curves"""
import rhinoscriptsyntax as rs

if objs:
    for obj in objs:
        if rs.IsCurve(obj):
            if rs.IsCurveClosed(obj): rs.SelectObject(obj)
            if rs.IsObjectSolid(obj): rs.SelectObject(obj)


Thanks very much!:grinning:

this is one of those commands that I wished I knew many weeks ago.

However, you never know exactly how it is going to “clean up” your overlapping curves…
Make2DCleanup.3dm (238.4 KB)


I’m still rather limited in my scripting savvy. I pasted this into the atom app but I think it’s not python script. There’s also rhinoscript and I confuse them so far, as well as how to assign them key combos. I know there’s a wiki to read, but I get caught up drawing and neglect learning these things - very likely wasting time I could save.

It is a Python script and it should run if you copy/paste it into Atom.

The easiest way to run it on your Mac (IMO) is to select all the text and paste it into a text editor, then save that out as a .py file (plain text, no formatting, make sure the indentations in the script are preserved!!!). I have attached the .py file below for convenience. (378 Bytes)

Take the .py file and copy it to your native scripts folder - that’s a hidden folder, so you need to hit Alt(Option)>Go menu to see it: ~/Library/Application Support/McNeel/Rhinoceros/Scripts

Then you can simply create an alias that says:

! _-RunPythonScript ""

When you type the alias, the script should run.


Very nice tip. Saved it. Thank you.

So anyway …

I’d like to have a small window, or panel that will give me immediate feedback as to an object’s details that I can limit to just the info needed.

As it is now, the info I need is in a panel that includes several other aspects such as the object’s folder location, material, display aspects, texture mapping as well as a rather thorough list of ‘details’ that while may be important on the occasion that requires in-depth analysis, is regularly unneeded and in fact a distraction as I have to search though it to find what little I actually want to know. I can’t even keep the other menus closed so I can scroll more quickly down to the info I want.

There have been a number of key combo suggestions to get this done, but any means to reduce the number of keystrokes or clicks needed is very helpful. I’d rather not have to select an object and then type in a combo just to make a quick check of it’s soundness. It seems to me that such info should display by default for whatever is selected.

Perhaps a customizable panel option would be a solution?