Wish: Replace Font option please

Hi @pascal , when I open a file that uses a font that isn’t in Rhino7 I get this dialogbox:

It would be great if we could:

  • Choose to replace, not only let Rhino visually substitute
  • Choose what Font to use in case we don’t want to use Arial
  • And get some info on what text objects that uses those missing fonts

And which fonts are missing, so that it is easier to install them.

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Exactly, I just logged in to post just that :smiley:

I’ve never had this happen but I’m curious: What is the “more information” that’s available in the command line? Nothing very useful I presume.

Hi -

I’m not sure what that means. The font is replaced, this is not just a visual effect.

I can get that on the list.

You can use the SelDimOverride command to find objects that override the font.

That information is available both on the command line when the file is opened and in the properties panel when such object is selected:


Ah, maybe it is an inserted file that causes this. It appears every time, even if I save. I just presumed it was in the current file. I’ll have a look when I have time (And if I remember to do so) :wink:

Hei Jørgen -

Now I understand what you mean. Yes, you will get that message as long as you don’t remove the overrides on the specific annotation objects that still refer to a missing font. That makes it possible to collaborate with coworkers, clients, or suppliers who do not have “your” font installed but still let them save their changes without messing up your layout of annotations in the document. If the font needs to be changed, that can be done by removing those overrides.