Wish: Pull Degree 3 Curve to Mesh, Loose

Currently, the Loose option is ignored when pulling a degree 3 curve to a mesh, and instead inherits the dense control points of the mesh that is pulling.

It seems fine with the Project command.

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I’m seeing the same issue- I’ll put it on the list!


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Thanks Kyle, I mean I suppose it’s a bit of a defunct workflow now we can quad remesh.

And thinking about it, does it work if I pull the points rather than the curve… aha, that’s the way to do it. If I go EditPtOn > Select the points > Pull those, then it works. So that’s all that would need to be hooked up for meshes I suppose?

possibly, as the only person here who doesn’t write code… I’m just like the little kid that takes his toy to the adults, holds it over my head and and says “broken”…

I’ll let the dev’s decide what and how to get it back up and running. :slight_smile:

This functionality is very useful to me when using laser scanned data, so I wouldn’t say the request is for a defunct workflow at all!