Is there a way to pull points to a curve?

Have to align multiple points of a mesh to new edited outlines as you see here. Thanks for your help!!


you can try the old script below. Preselect grips of the mesh, run the script then select the mesh, then the curve to pull to. You can pull grips from curves, surfaces and meshes to curves, surfaces, polysurfaces and meshes using this script.

If no grips are preselected, all grips (the whole object) is pulled.

PullGripsToObject.rvb (3.9 KB)

Also note that @Willem recently posted this which works on mac as well.

Edit: Below another python version which runs somewhat faster and does not require to select an object, it just uses the object(s) found from the selected grip(s): (1.2 KB)


Flow along curve command ?

Thanks for those scripts!! Will figure out immediately! H

@solidtoolsdesigns can only see a flowalongsurface command… :frowning:

check the transform drop down

I think there is a Grasshopper command that does it, if you use grasshopper ? I can give you more info if you want to try it.

Thanks @solidtooldesigns forgot its ‘Flow’ — but create point duplicates, hence extends/creates overlapping geometry. I like the script much better