Wish: Command to show and edit polycurves as their simplified, exploded components

Hi guys,
this has been on the wish list for decades, can you PLEASE make a command that lets us edit polycurves as if they were an “exploded and grouped” version of them selves? (The workaround I do right now)

You know, where degree 1 lines only have points in each end even if they are joined together with higher degree curves? That would make my life so much easier.

Hei Jørgen -

It looks like we’re not quite ready to do that yet. You might want to read through RH-52064.

This might be something where the discussion could benefit from comments about any other CAD products that do what Holo wants and how all the features and effects discussed in the YouTrack item are handled.

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Thanks Wim,
great that you are looking into this and had a prototype up and running already.
I predicted this multiple degree scenario would be a difficulty and that’s the reason I wished for a new command to show and edit them. I am totally fine with a sollution where inserting and deleting points are not possible.

A new command would also work around the issue with all the documentations that has to be updated. (But that should never be what holds evolution back though :wink: )

Regarding deletion of editpoints I am sure a sollution can be worked out in the future though.

Do you think a hidden WIP command could be added?

Hei igjen -

Did you read all the words in that report? :sunglasses:

Oh… I see I should have! Thanks man! :smiley:
I see that this works as a world override, and basically I am for that (It would need a change-curve-segment-degree tool to go along with it obviously).

But since things are not fully solved yet I wish for a per-object-show-points tool JUST like _PointsOn and _EditPointsOn do today. They live side by side and can be used on different objects at the same time.

So this would be a _PolycurvePointsOn command and not a toggle for _PointsOn :slight_smile:

Hei -
Can you describe in which situation you’d want one curve to display all those extra points and another to just display the sub-curve structure?

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No, not really, I don’t think I can even describe a situation where I want those subpoint’s being shown at all.
But changing how Rhino has allways been might/will break something, at least for someone, and I want to see this command in v7 and not in v8, so I think having it as a separate tool can be a good workaround until documentations and everything is mature enough for the full jump :slight_smile:

Hei Jørgen -

The new behavior is enabled by default in current builds of Rhino 7. We had a few “stop-ship” items and it looks like you’ll have to wait a bit longer for a new public WIP but the behavior is in there.

You will need the test command to turn this behavior OFF. Depending on user feedback, we’ll see if that test command goes away or needs to be turned into a regular command.

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Well, then I am more than happy! Can’t wait to beat on it to see if I miss the old behaviour in any way at all! :smiley: