Wish: mesh options in old order


please arrange the mesh options in the old v7 order again. I see no reason why it should be changed and it would be less confusing after switching from v7 to v8.


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Hi Micha -

There are several places where one has mesh options. Could you be specific about the ones that are confusing you?

Right, I forgot to attach the screenshots.

Thanks -

The reason for the change is that, now, the order in which these options appear more closely reflects how objects are meshed.

You can read more about the change here: RH-66829 Mesh: Reordered detailed parameters based on the meshing process
and in the help file that describes the process: Rhinoceros Help

Strange idea - from a technical view interesting, but from the users side not missed. The classic most important parameter - max angle - shouldn’t be the last option. I hope it can be rearranged for the users need. :wink:

Users view:

  • min inital quad: seldom needed
  • max ratio: best let it be 0 since it slow down the mesh calculation
  • Density: is it not the all in one option? Should be first.
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That’s interesting. My favorite settings are:
Zero for all
2 for max aspect ratio
and an appropriate number for Maximum Distance, edge to surface based on geometry scale.

These don’t work as reasonable defaults because we can’t predict model size. But they work great for many cases.

Actually it is, as it’s one of the more important elements in the mesh refinement calculation. However, most people don’t understand what it does.

I think to place it at bottom of the list and set it good default value would be more save. Why should people get a parameter on the first place which is difficult to understand? Better keep them away from the attention. :wink: