Custom display mesh options lost


if I open the Rhino options and set something on one of the categories or only I look at one and close the dialog, than some times Rhino starts a remeshing of the display mesh, because it is reset to “jagged and faster”. This is a very old bug reported some years before.

For complex models it cost some time to get the render mesh back. I hope it’s on the time to catch this bug. :wink:

(I use Rhino 6 English on Win 10 64 German.)


Hi Micha - I don’t think I’ve ever seen that happen. Can you provide a way to reliably reproduce this with a simple file and no 3rd party plug-ins?

Unfortunately I have no idea how to repeat it. I hope, it could be possible to better fix the mesh options.

I will observe it and try to find a way.

Thanks, Micha. Unless we know what it is that messes with the mesh options, we won’t be able to prevent that from happening.