WISH: make new layer automatically active



when I create a new layer, it would be nice when it becomes automatically active, that I can immediatly draw on it. Is there an option, or even better can we make this standard? Or have I missed something?



(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Michael - I don’t think you’re missing anything- there is no provision for that as far as I know. I would not want this to be standard behavior, myself, but I can easily imagine -Layer New getting a Current=Yes/No toggle or something like that - would that help? Or do you need this in the layer dialog menu ‘New current layer’, maybe, along with ‘New layer’ and ‘New sublayer’?

Here’s a really dumb little macro that will add a new current layer to the end of the list:

! -_Runscript (Rhino.CurrentLayer(Rhino.AddLayer())




Hi Pascal,

perhaps an option button in the options or layer window.




i have seen this wish coming up a few times and while working on several layers i also missed such a function. it certainly would make modeling in different layers easier. often do i forget to set the new layer i am working, for example extruding some prepared lines and voila often ending up with having to change the objects layer.