Wish - Lock to custom aspect ratio

How do we lock the aspect ratio to these custom values ? (1.14:1)
Should there be two mutually exclusive radio buttons for:
a) Lock to viewport aspect ratio (2.12:1)
b) Lock to custom aspect ratio (1.14:1)

Ideally there should be a “chain link” icon to lock the current values in their current ratio.

Hi Thomas - got that, thanks -

RH-79665 Rendering- set custom aspect ratio in the Rendering panel

please see if that is a reasonable interpretation of the wish - I see you’ve added another example, so possibly not.


I added the video to point out that it doesnt need any complex logic. As a matter of fact, replacing the current “lock to viewport ratio” checkbox with a generic “lock aspect ratio” one would solve everything without removing functionality.

No changes needed in the dropdowns.