[WISH] Kitchen counter object

A good and robust kitchen creator would be excellent, perhaps with a few select hardware objects(Fridge, Sink, oven, stove and so on). Kitchens of course can become incredibly complex and are an entire BIM project in and of themselves. Our office is currently using this really quite excellent plugin https://www.food4rhino.com/app/kitchencreator to do most of the cabinetry. It’s very nice because the geometry is as simple as possible for 2D drawings, yet for renders the corner rounding makes a huge difference and the results are quite excellent for that as well.

Something akin to that with parametric capabilities and the ability to add sinks and stoves would be really practical, at least for our very residential heavy office.

Hi @rheinason, thanks for the suggestion. We are planning to open a public section in food4rhino so everybody can upload new object styles created from GH definitions, including kitchen furniture objects and other elements. We can add some new basic styles for kitchen modules, sinks or stoves.


This is a great idea (I know i’ve Said it before :wink:

Sounds like a great idea that I wish was active now already. Do you think that the userbase is large enough to where it can sustain itself? Will there be any sort of quality control? Are there any plans of getting major support within platforms like https://www.bimobject.com ? One of the major advantages of BIM is the support from manufacturers, what are ASUNI’s thoughts on that aspect? How difficult/impossible would it be to be able to import BIM(read:parametric) objects from Revit or ArchiCAD? BIMObject has https://info.bimobject.com/solutions/bimobject-apps, how impossible would the integration into Rhino/VisualARQ be?

Will the standard elements that VisualARQ gets shipped with, change? One major pet peeve that I have is within the bed object there’s a border of 50mm, which means that all beds are now 100mm longer and wider than what the object properties say they are.

Hi Roi,
We have already opened a section in food4rhino where people can upload and download VisualARQ object styles. We are going to upload some samples in the following days. But you can already upload yours if you want. Just need to select “VisualARQ styles” as a ressource, and add a .val file. image

I have already uploaded one: https://www.food4rhino.com/resource/garage-door

There will be no quality control from our side, since people can already rely on these uploads according to the rating system existing in food4rhino for apps and other resources.
We are open to collaborate with platforms that store online BIM object libraries to make it easier to search for specific VisualARQ styles or BIM objects. We are actually already collaborating with BimAndCo (https://www.bimandco.com)

Regarding the changes on the existing styles that come with VisualARQ templates, you can edit some of their parameters from the styles dialog. For example, you can set the “Base offset” to 0 so the bed width and length dimensions will be the real dimensions of the 3D object.

You can do right click on the style name, select “Edit” and redefine how you want to edit each parameter of that style, and change the default value.

If you want to edit the gh definition used for this style, I attach it here: Bed.gh (30.4 KB)


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That’s the thing with kitchens though, they need that modularity and ability to place sinks and so on. Adding modules side by side results in a very messy looking kitchen(2D output wise). Our current workflow is to do that aspect almost entirely in Rhino and use some overlap to cover up our crimes, geometry wise.

Oh that sounds excellent, I just signed up, but cannot find any VisualARQ objects:

Is there an expected timeframe on when we’ll be able to see VisualARQ components? I’m assuming that Asuni’s hope is that manufacturers will be making their products available as VisualARQ elements, how are you planning to gain that level of support?

Ah sorry about the complaining, I’ll be sure to adjust that internally here :slight_smile:

My approach is usually to make up some common ‘base modules’ and arrange them up off the floor (ie. kicker) and then model a bench top over them…

Yeah we use the kitchenCreator plugin mentioned above for that and the add sinks and so on with Boolean operations.