Can we use BIM objects in visualARQ?

I was wondering if I could use BIM objects (from websites) in VisualARQ and if they would still be editable?
I’ve seen that most were compatible with Sketchup, Archicad, revit etc.

Thank you

Hi @marchermitte,

You can import any geometry into Rhino block and use it as a VisualARQ element. But as there is no integration yet with any of these services, you’ll need to add all BIM parameters to the elements.

The problem is that there is no public VisualARQ SDK yet, so these BIM websites cannot create a plugin for VisualARQ.

Good news is that we’re currently working on this SDK, precisely for a BIM service: BIM&CO ( The SDK is going to be included in VisualARQ 2.3, planned for the first week of September. What I cannot tell you is when BIM&CO (and the rest of websites) will publish a compatible VisualARQ plugin.




Ok, I did load objects as elements indeed but couldn’t find a way to keep their editing capacities.
I hope that some of those BIM website will take the time to make compatible meshes for visualARQ.
Another question, there are no handles in the windows of door styles, do you plan to produce more advanced and complete styles in the future, including handles and grips?

Thank you!

Yes, we have plans to add more door and windows components, like handles, hinges, latches, etc.



Gracias Enric

Hi @enric,

Will the version 2.3 and its SDK work with ifc4 files?. That would be good news…

Hi @JuanExposito,

No, VisualARQ 2.3 won’t have support for IFC4. As far as I know, IFC4 is not yet supported by any major application. Neither Revit or ArchiCAD do support full IFC4. They are able to open an IFC4 files, and they support some of the new property types from IFC4, but many of the new features, like NURB surfaces, are not yet supported.

Our plan is to start implementing support for IFC4 when Revit and ArchiCAD do, as they are the applications we use to test our importer/exported.