Wish: Intersect two sets with layers

It would be useful if we could choose to inherit the layers for the resulting intersections from either the first or the second set.

What if objects in either set are on multiple layers? --Mitch

Manually choose which set to follow.

My guess (and only a guess) is he wants each resulting intersection object to be on the same layer as intersecting object of the first (or second) set for that intersection.


Got that, thanks.



It will be useful when testing for collisions between architecture, structure, hvac elements. They all come from different designers into one file. It is good to know which pipe from which layer bumps into which beam, etc…


I think there is a bug within this command. No matter how hard we try, the resulting intersection objects always end up in active layer. It works the same way in Rhino 7 as well as in Rhino 8 beta.

Is this still in development phase?

Thank you very much,


Hi there,

OK I should have been more specific. The command has three options how to handle outcoming result, but no matter which one I choose, the result always ends up i active layer.

Say I have 127 objects sitting in 34 layers. I want to intersect these objects with one surface and unfold the resulting curves to global XY.

Nowadays I need to perform this task 34 times, once per each layer…?


I have to add that the way we need this feature to work is manageable with GH player.

My colleague just wonders why the Rhino command works the way it works.

That’s why I asked.



It does appear to be a bug. I am going to start a new thread to try to get it some attention.