IntersectTwoSets Output Layer V7 & V8 BETA Bug

IntersectTwoSets in V7 and the current V8 BETA has a bug for the output layer.

In V6 the option to select the output layer of IntersectTwoSets was added and appears to work properly. The user can select the layer(s) where the output resides. This was per the request in Wish: Intersect two sets with layers and

In V7 and V8 the options for where the output layer(s) of IntersectTwoSets is still present in the command line and the Help files, but no longer functioning. The output IntersectTwoSets always resides on the active layer. This is a reversion to the behavior the command in V5.

File for testing:
Int2SetsTest.3dm (414.8 KB)

Hi David, thanks, I’ll check it.
Thanks, I see it only goes to the current layer.
RH-77288 IntersectTwoSets: layer output


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RH-77288 is fixed in Rhino 7 Service Release 35 Release Candidate

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RH-77288 should be fixed in the 7.35 Release Candidate. If you’re checking 7.34, you’re bound to be disappointed :wink:

My mistake. It is fixed in 7.35 Release Candidate.

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Thanks for double-checking!

Not fixed yet in BETA (8.0.23283.13003, 2023-10-10), though not claimed to be.
@dan Will the fix be incorporated in a future BETA release, or does the RH-77288 need to be reopened?

Looking closer at this, it appears that the fix was never merged into the 8.0 branch…which is partly “by design” as well as a bit of an oversight (in my opinion). It should be in 8.1 though.

So 8.0 will be a regression from 7.35.


I reopened the bug

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