Rhino 6 any improvements in solid modeling and filleting from Rhino 5?

I use Rhino first and foremost as a 3D modeling system for manufacturing.
The biggest amount of time spend in Rhino so far unfortunately is in 3D modeling and filleting.

Especially with Rhinos filleting performance I found myself having to revert much too often to complete manual, basic methods in order to get complex fillets to work with clean output that can be easily worked on in other CAD systems.

Has there been done any improvements in the 3D solid modeling and especially filleting performance from Rhino 5 for Mac to Rhino 6?

This would indeed be the single most exciting news to me (as I always loathe the hours I had to put in with Rhino 5 here).

Yes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5EjtrI6-XU


WOW !!!

That indeed looks like an incredible improvement and translates directly into massive time savings when filleting complex geometries.

I take it these improvements as shown in the Rhino 6 for Windows build translate directly into the same improvements in the Rhino 6 for Mac build?

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yer, sure.