Wish - hot key act as oneLayerOn -

dear mc neel
We have LayerStateManager, Snapshots, and new LayerBook…
a bit confusing ?
Maybe LayerBook can be somehow integrated into Snapshots ?
Maybe some of the Features can be separated, like a command that generates a certain number of layers that are numbered ?

I would appreciate more generic and intuitive ways auf the Layer-Palette:
a simple hot key - option, alt, shift or whatever is possible - to klick on the light-bulb-icon or lock-icon of the Layer-Palette - and get the “oneLayerOn” function - but please with child layers not changing their status. and please with parent layers changing the status (to turn on to make the child visible) - for me this would be all i need to make my presentations more fluid and also benefit a lot for other workflows…

either i did not get the power of the layerbook - but i am not convinced…

thanks for discussing it with us…

best regards from switzerland…tom

I agree that onelayeron could use some enhancement. I would like it to act like Isolate/Unisolate
So next to a visible, locked state there would be a layer isolate state (just like with isolating an OSnap with ctrl key it could work like that ctrl clicking on the light bulb)

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