Wish: Hold LMB to prevent switching to other tabs

I lost count of how many times I accidentally activated some of the tabs on the main toolbar group while trying to click on some icon below the tabs. :slight_smile: I know that I must be extra cautious what I click to prevent activating something I should not to, but sometimes tiredness or limited time for completion of a project is also a factor. :slight_smile: This is why an option to hold the left mouse button for a brief time to switch to a tab would help many Rhino users who also experienced the same issue multiple times. :slight_smile: After all, switching between those tabs is rare compared to the icons below them. Not to mention that making this feature an option will still let the users choose between the new and the current behaviour. :slight_smile:
Deleting tabs is not a solution, because I still use some of them, though rarely.

Got it, thanks.


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