Wish for R6: Identity crisis on join

When joining named objects, the name of the object (user defined identity) changes into something like “Object xxx”.

Sometimes this change is very bad, for example when dealing with object trees (IK chains) in Bongo. There you work with a Tree view in which object names makes much sense. If then Joining some objects (perhaps a little line here and there which where forgotten before naming) then you loose any previously named names.

Suggestion for R6: Keep the name of the first selected object when joining objects so as to not discard user’s value added work naming objects. As it is now joining objects causes an “identity crisis”, sorts of.

Edit: Suggestion #2

Highlight relevant objects in Treeview

When viewing objects in the Bongo treeview (object hierarchies) the objects which doesn’t have any explicit Bongo settings could be greyed in the Treeview in order to help the user more quickly find the key objects with (explicit) settings.

Greyed objects should, although not being “Bongo active” so to speak, still be selectable, as to allow for setting properties, if need be.

// Rolf

Hi Rolf - currently, the first object in the list of things to join determines the properties of the result. So, if you select your named object, and start Join, and then select the other objects, you should get the result named (and colored and layered etc) as the first object is. Do you see that? If you pre-select all bets are off but you might be able to influence the results by Cut/Paste of the named object to place it at the top of the list.


I tried combinations of preselect-Join, and Join-select, but no go, all combinations ends up with a new name for the joined compound. The layers and colors take on the first object’s ditto though.

So the wish would be, rephrased, to assign (preserve) the name to the new joined compound in exactly the same manner as layer and colors are assigned according to the first object selected before Joining.

// Rolf

Hi Rolf - not sure I follow… a name not associated with either input?



I found something interesting though: If Joining objects that are NOT included in the Bongo Treview, then it works as you suggested.

So this indicates that we isolated a bug to Bongo.

See this:

// Rolf

Hi Rolf - does the name in Rhino Properties follow the ‘rules’?

No, somehow Bongo seems to trick with the name property of the underlaying objects.

// Rolf

OK- I see thanks for testing and reporting this, I will load up Bongo and test & add this to the Bongo-heap.


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