Wish: ExtrudeSrf should also create Lightweight extrusion objects

… when the input surface is planar.

It has been mentioned before here:

Hi Bogdan - for now, testConvertToExtrusion may help.


Interesting new function! Wold be good if somehow it would work on several polysurfaces at once, because I have around 1000 to transform…

Hi Bogdan - the problem is, the direction - if all of the objects are parallel and you can specify a single direction for all, then I can probably modify this, but it is tricky to automatically find the extrusion direction per object - there are some checks that might find it often but I don’t know how robust it would be. For example, if it is finding the longest linear edge that matches all the other linear parallel linear edges on the object, that sort of thing…


An extra option maybe, which asks the user to specify the direction manually for all (in my case all of them are vertical).