Extrude from an open and non-planar Polysurface

Hi guys!
I wrote this macro for Extrusion.

I almost completely automated the process. Except for _Move
What can be added in order for the “extrusion cap” to automatically moving to the “extrusion sides”?

-Properties _Object _Color _Object 100,170,230 _Name ExtrudeCap _EnterEnd
_ExtrudeCrv _Pause _Solid=Yes _DeleteInput=Yes
-Properties _Object _Color _Object 100,170,230 _Name ExtrudeSides _EnterEnd
-SelName ExtrudeCap
_Copy _Pause _InPlace
-Properties _Object _Color _Layer _Name ExtrudePolySrf _EnterEnd

Hi Leex,

This is almost good, it has a few glitches:
1 - It ditches the color the input polysurface had already
2 - It ditches the name the polysurface had already
3 - It also changes color/name to other things around

See here:

4 - It does not give you a pause to input a direction option if you want other than Cplane Normal.:

I’m bringing all thsi up because it would be great to have a well working one of this. I also have a macro for this but it only gets me half-way there. It still I find it unbelievable that ExtrudeSRF does not have an option to extrude as a single solid, @pascal, could you lobby to have an _extrudejoined option here in ExtrudeSrf? Right now in V6 the command it doing it wrong in two ways:

  • it gives you a false preview of walls between surface seams that it actually does not build.
  • it ditches the base polysurface of extrusion.



Hi Gustavo - Gumball extrusion seems to get it right on a polysurface, so it should be possible in the command as well.



I’m mad at gumball, it scales things wrong so I’m boycotting it.

Hi Gustavo,

If the macro works correctly to the end, then in the current scene around should be formed only one color of the current layer . And only one name (ExtrudePolySrf)
I do not think that before the start of the macro in your scene there will be objects with the names ExtrudeCap and color 100,170,230
Although everything is possible :wink:

Here is a macro that pauses to select the direction of extrusion

_Select _Pause -Properties _Object _Color _Object 100,170,230 _Name ExtrudeCap _EnterEnd _Pause _DupBorder _Pause _ExtrudeCrv _Pause _Solid=Yes _DeleteInput=Yes _Pause _Pause _Pause _Pause _SelLast -Properties _Object _Color _Object 100,170,230 _Name ExtrudeSides _EnterEnd _SelNone -SelName ExtrudeCap _Copy _Pause _InPlace _Sellast _Move _Pause _Pause _Pause _SelColor _Join -Properties _Object _Color _Layer _Name ExtrudePolySrf _EnterEnd _SelNone

Hi Pascal,
Is it possible to “undo” all commands in macros at once?

Hi Leex - no - when it gets this complex probably scripting becomes worth the effort.


I slightly improved the macro.
To accurately _ExtrudeCrv and _Move the “ExtrudeCap”, need to enable _Osnap.

_Select _Pause -Properties _Object _Color _Object 100,170,230 _Name ExtrudeCap _EnterEnd _Pause _DupBorder -Osnap _Endpoint=On _Near=On Midpoint=On _Perpendicular=On _Enter _Enter _Pause _ExtrudeCrv _Pause _Solid=Yes _DeleteInput=Yes _Pause _Pause _Pause _Pause _SelLast -Properties _Object _Color _Object 100,170,230 _Name ExtrudeSides _EnterEnd _SelNone -SelName ExtrudeCap _Copy _Pause _InPlace _Sellast _Move _Pause _Pause _Pause _SelColor _Join -Properties _Object _Color _Layer _Name ExtrudePolySrf _EnterEnd _SelNone