Wish: documentation for given up WIP-commands / command cemetery

Please - is there some way to document commands that get lost during development ?

for example i can not find _mesh2

and i can also not find

I totally understand, that commands are tested and disappear - and i appreciate that we can take part in the development process.

But can we please have a “command cemetery” - maybe the command stay as a simple command-line-message ?
typing _mesh2 will maybe result in a commandline - info
… sorry no longer maintained, check quadReMesh instead …

And maybe this info can also be set somewhere in the thread / forum / post.

Thanks…best tom

Just checked we do not have a formal list… anything that was removed was done so before the Beta was released. Mesh2 for instance was removed quite a while back.

@theoutside Dear Kyle - thanks for having a look at this, even if i posted it more then a month ago…have a nice evening. kind regads -tom

we get like a ba-fillion messages on the forum a day… sorry this one slipped by.

happy rhinoing!