Is there any draw only "Grasshopper geometry" method or tool or plug-in both in rhino and GH UI?

Hi everyone,
When rhino model is cluttered having many geometry drawn both from RH and GH, to rebuild any grasshopper geometry in RH UI again, we need to hide all the geometries in Rhino to visualize the changes rebuilding by GH. So if we have a tool or button to see only GH geometries in RH UI (while not hiding by selecting all those already built in RH UI by applying Hide command in Rhino), I think it would be helpful in modeling. Some buttons in GH UI are there, but those can’t hide all geometries in RH UI. If such tool or plug-in exists, please let me/us know and if there is no one, I like to request developers to gift us such a tool.
Thanks in advance.

This would be quite wird, unless also all mouse picks and commands learn to ignore the hidden geometry. There’s some potentially very dangerous stuff here where some code puts Rhino into this state and then fails to revert back to regular modelling state.

I suspect the safest way forwards would be to create some special viewport which is only taking its orders from grasshopper. I don’t know how hard that would be to implement, but would that work as a solution?

The GH viewport control that I wrote could handle this. It’s available on yak. It probably needs some tweaking, but that is one possible solution.

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I don’t know if this is relevant, sorry if it isn’t
I always use this to turn off all layers on Rhino from GH
to me it’s useful expecially because I can “record” the state of all the layers, turn them all OFF, and then turn ON again just the ones that were already ON before (ok, I can’t write in english anymore… maybe give it a try :slight_smile: )

it uses the awesome Human: (10.9 KB)