Control geometry preview with grasshopper

I posted this elsewhere but thought it best to create a new topic.

Are there any plans for GH 2 to be able to control geometry previews? I’d love to be able to manipulate geometry in Rhino, with Grasshopper running in the background, changing the geometry’s display colour according to the volume of the brep, for example.

Pretty sure this is already possible.
Pipeline grabs all breps and geometry preview alters the colour.

Yeah that works pretty straightforward, but you have overlapping geometry, with the referenced breps in rhino tearing through (in grey).

What I was wondering was if there is are plans for previews without this duplication of geometry. Any ideas @DavidRutten?

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Hi Michael,

Yeah this can work for taking screenshots for example, but maintaining the ability to interact with the geometry in Rhino is what I’m trying to get at. Hiding the geometry in Rhino means you can’t edit a brep while the script runs for example.

Just use the pipeline method above and make a custom Rhino view style of Wireframe with isocurves and mesh wire displays off. :sunglasses: