Wish: Cycle inputs. Less mouse, more keyboard

Scripting in grasshopper would be much faster if one could type away with both hands without having to go back and forth to the mouse for connecting wires.
I’m not the fastest of people and I spend hours fiddling in grasshopper so anything that can speed me up is super appreciated.
I even considered buying a single-hand keyboard and teaching me to touch-type with that!

If it were possible to highlight the inputs & outputs of a selected component (cycle them with tab) maybe that could trigger a direct search and the newly placed component would be wired up automatically.
Sure… you would have to use the mouse for tidying up and creating more complex connections. but you could alternate mousework and typing. Every click and drag costs at least a second, so even 50% less mousework would save significant time.
Another uncomfortable mouse operation input rightclick>mouse navigation to a menu item (graft, expression etc). Input higlight + arrow key could give keyboard access to this menu.

Logged under RH-54321. Not sure I’ll get around to it.