Functions I want

Functions that I want

  1. Replace
    Maybe it’s difficult when there are multiple inputs/outputs, but if you can replace a component with somethingelese by a single click, it’d save time a lot,
  2. Go To
    Get a list of components that an input/ouput is connecting to by a right-click, then go to a view that have those connected components at the center.

The reason I want those functions.
I’ve been using CATIA, CATIA is internally similar to GH, any geometry is defined by input geometries + parameters and those geometries are fed to another geometry definition. But this input/output tree is hidden in CATIA. So, showing the graph structure is a big advantage that GH has. However, CATIA has two functions to compensate this lack, replace and jump to the input/output geometry. I wondered maybe if GH implemented these two functions, that will lift GH up to the next level…

For 2. there‘s a key combination. Don‘t remember now, but shouldn‘t be hard to find on the forum.
Never used it, so don‘t know how good it is

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Gh/Rhino is levels above Catia. Have you tried the XGenerative Design?? Catia’s version of Grasshopper/Dynamo, still in Beta granted, but will never catch up.

Cntl+arrow will navigate up the stream.


For 1, the closest thing I can think of is ctrl+shilft*LMB which grabs all the cords together and you can plug it in a new component.

For 2, as far as I know there isn’t anything.
the only thing that you might find -kind of- similar is jump to It’s just two buttons that you place where you want on the canvas and when you double click on one, it takes you to the other. But they are static and you have to place them yourself.

Ctrl+Shift+ will select all components that feed data into the current component selection.

and as @Rickson said Ctrl+ will jump to connected components.


Thanks for the replies.

For ‘jump to’
I think current ‘jump to’ treat multiple inputs as a ‘set’ and zoom out until all of them fit in the view. What I want is a jump to a single component.

For ‘replace’
I think currently there is no way to connect multiple parameters to a component all at once. (in both connecting multiple parameters to a single input slot and connecting multiple parameters to multiple input slots.)

An alternative way of ‘replace’ is this. So many times I regret that I was not placed a ‘buffer’ parameter between multiple outputs and the component.

regarding that,
I’ve found the telepathy plugin a great help.

I think currently there is no way to connect multiple parameters to a component all at once.

Ctrl+Shift will let you move all the wires at once.
By clicking and holding left mouse button you can keep connecting wires via the right mouse button without having to regrab new wires from an output/input.

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Thanks Michael, I didn’t know Ctrl+Shift trick. This fantastic! (nobody told me about this before…)

relays in R6 work ok, i prefer the AutoGraph plugin

I asked about something similar, but as always, no example was given.

(post three is my idea behind this thread)

Only links and books I need at least an year to fully understand and apply. That’s for all my questions regarding customizing how components look.

Asking for customized look of GH components is a taboo around here.

Here’s another thread about what you talk about:

Not really, and it also depends which version of CATIA you’re talking about.

You can also create auxiliary geometries while creating auxiliary geometries to use as input for the actual geometry. Imagine a component that requires some input, but that input also requires some input and you just right click on the component and define them both. It’s like accessing the branch of the data tree right there in the component and edit it or create another branch.

Pretty much everything you need is in the tree in the left side why do you need a graph to see it? This is not the advantage of GH over CATIA, since all you can do from that graph is look at it. It’s more of a disadvantage.

I’d say their Pros and Cons negate each other to a certain extent with CATIA being left on top at the end. Again, depends on which version of CATIA. (this is only considering functionality not the price)

Just out of curiosity, why on earth do you need a graph when you cannot interact with what’s in it?

And about catia, you can right click and “explore children” or “explore parents” and you will get a view similar to GH, not components but icons connected and you can follow the chain which is coming from which. Again, don’t know which version of catia are you talking about.

though my GH definition was too big that AutoGraph crashed, add a parameter to right is really helpfull! Thanks!

I’ve never actually tried the ‘Auto’ part of AutoGraph, i just add wiring components as needed.

The Find function could be used in similar fashion by clicking on the component and the Find panel would list the connected components Up and Down stream and then navigate as usual to each one of them.
That would help…