Wish: Control U Degree with Loft Loose

With _Loft _Loose, the construction curves (degree/control points) are turned into the V of the surface, but the U is always deg3. I’d like to be able to set the U degree as well.

It would work the same way as _Curve. Setting _Degree=11 and inputting 5 control points generates a single span deg4 curve. Setting it to _Degree=5 and inputting 7 control points generates a deg5 curve with two spans.

Setting _Loft _Loose _UDegree=5 would create a single span deg5 U with 6 inputs, a single span deg3 U with 4 inputs, or a two-span deg5 U with 7 input curves.

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So we understand this request better, what problem would this change solve for you?

To have a history-enabled, native Rhino command that creates a single-span surface with edge and interior point control. Currently, _Loose gives you that ability, but only in one direction. This is really useful in a number of surface modeling use cases.


Thanks for the description