V7-Wish for 5-degree loft

Hi @Lowell ,

Since the development of V7 is now starting, Iā€™d like to ask for some efforts for 5-degree loft as mentioned in this post: Suggesting G4 and G5 for the Loose Lofting function

Can you please tell me how high it is on the pile? :slight_smile:

Adding a degree option to loose loft should be extremely easy. The only thing difficult about it is where to put the option in the Loft dialog window.

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Well, if it is that simple, I am happy to hear more about it.

It is extremely simple, you could do it yourself right now.

Just make the loose loft. Then use extractpt to
get the control points and delete the loft surface.
Then feed the points to the SrfControlPtGrid command. Ir will probably take a developer about as long to program this as it takes you to manually pick all the control points.

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Thank you for your explanation Jim,

Over here I model often direct on the points of a 5-degree surface. However to promote Rhino for hull modeling and fairing in the marine industry it is important that the loft command contains a 5-degree surface funtion straight away.

Hi Gerard - added a nudge to



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