Wish: Control points grouping

Big time helper!

It has a lot of applications.

Thanks :crossed_fingers:

…then imagine if you can do these things to that cluster/group of control points:

  • apply CageEdit transforms
  • apply BoxEdit transforms
  • refence them in Grasshopper
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yes,t splines has this function(seletcion sets) and it works on all points in rhino…

About that, there is very helpful implementation in MaxSurf to keep two surfaces tangent grouping the common point and Mirror-moving the next nearest control points from the two surfaces.

Hello- yeah, I think there is some hope for that down the road. An obstacle has been that grips are not objects and don’t play with selection in the same way as objects in Rhino.



@pascal you need to get a grip on this situation.

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Hmm, this gripping conversation has me on the edge of my seat…


@pascal, you should also add Locking control points so you don’t select/move some you do not want to move.

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Hi Pascal,
Since we have named selections of control points in WIP, does this mean control point grouping with a simple group command is not far behind?
I love named selections but we all still need ability to quickly group points on the fly.

Curious about any updates on this.
thank you!

You might visit https://wiki.mcneel.com/people/pascalgolay and check SelectionSets

Thank you, I’m intimately familiar with Pascal’s scripted utilities page, it’s saved my bacon more than a few times!!
Just looking for the basic functionality of quick grouping in vanilla v7 someday.

Yup, I get that. However @pascal SelectionSets would need a bit of refinement and I guess it would be completely sufficient.

Hi Robert - Groups are selection sets - so it seems logical to meld them. @Trav - does it make sense to use Group as a way to add a named selection set? Is there any reason to keep these separate?


I think of Groups as locked selections where Named Selections are not bound to any collection. More like a 1 time group?

Hi @Trav, @pascal,
I need to see what these selection sets are. But if you want to understand better what I mean (need) check MaxSurf’s grouping of control points.

I’m confused.

Named Selections in the WIP works with SubD edges, vertices and faces. It breaks if you delete any subobject within the named selection, for understandable reasons, but for final tweaking it’s super useful.

Does it not work with NURBs points?

Hello - it does work with surface and curve control points but not curve edit points… those register but are ‘transferred’ to nearby control points - probably needs a bit of a think, there, I’ll get it on the list.


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Wait what? What is the difference?

Curve edit points are points on a NURBS curve which can be used for modifying the curve. Move an edit point and the curve changes shape such that the curve passes through the new edit point location. Unlike control points each edit point influences the entire length of a multi-span curve though the influence decreases away from the point.
Experiment with the difference yourself.
Create a multi-span curve.
PointsOn to turn on the control points of the curve. Note that (except for straight line segments) many and usually most of the control points are not on the curve.
Move control points and observe how the curve changes.
EditPtOn to turn on the edit points of the curve. Note that all the edit points are on the curve.
Move edit points and observe how the curve changes.

Is that poly-spline? Does this exist in Rhino6?

I know what control points are, I guess I don’t get what you mean by edit points.

Never mind :smiley: Now I get what you mean.
I have never used these :smiley:

Now I understand why I have never used them. Because EditPoints doesn’t work on surfaces :slight_smile: