Grouping Control Points?

Is it possible to group points so they are frozen in relationship to one another? So that they move in unison when editing? This would come in handy with some hull editing I am doing.

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Hi Joe- no, control points are not ‘objects’ in the same way as curves and surfaces - they are ‘generated’ as needed when an object has its points turned on but they have no real permanence as objects. There is some talk of making this different in V6, I am not sure what will happen exactly, but I’ll add your fuel to that particular fire.



I like this comment and will ad to my wish list for V6. Good luck with that. JoeP do we know one another?

Hi. I have asked something similar before and Pascal suggested using the HidePt option to hide the points I don’t want to accidentally move etc. I then use F10 and F11 to reset the points back. This works well for me, although I think a quick LOCK option for point objects would also be useful, because then you would still have the points visible as references without being able to select them. Michael VS

jodyc111, Yep.


i come to ask for an option or workaround like this if not to wish it for V6. to be able to group selected surface control points (also different surface points should be groupable) would be very useful for fellow Rhino users who point edit everyday like me.

Hi Blastered - in case it helps, you can try the ‘Selection Sets’ plug-in here:

It allows named selection sets for control points- not quite the same but possibly helpful.


Hi @pascal , just wondering if there ever was any update on this idea of grouping control points,
I am also editing spline curves on a ship hull (maritime archaeology reconstructions) and I would like to be able to edit the control points of two (or more) spline curves simultaneously.
I use the curve splines with a “history-enabled” sweep which lets me modify and tweak the plank or frame shape by editing spline control points.
However the hull has both transverse and longitudinal spline curves _ I would like to use grouping to update the related longitudinal curve point if I edit a transverse point. Currently this needs to be done manually for every point I edit.

I tried creating multiple spline curves through premade points with history enabled thinking that the premade point might update both splines but the history does not record spline creation.

Pat T

Hi Pat -

You can save a selected set of control points as a “Named Selection”.