WISH : Control "DATA OUTPUT" destination and "DATA INTPUT" source paths with Metahopper

I find “DATA OUTPUT” and “DATA INTPUT” very promissing, but they don’t lend themselves to be used through a Human UI interface because the destination path and source path (respectively) need to be tweaked by right-clicking the component.
It’s even quite a source of error when you need to generate multiple GHDATA files.

It would be great that these paths be in fact an input of the components, but until this happens, perhaps Metahopper could address this ?


I could add these to metahopper if there’s interest… in the meantime here’s a script:
Set-data-input-output.gh (7.9 KB)


Thanks Andrew ! I’m going to try that out !

It doesn’t work here.

It might be related to a bug with data Output/Input that I noticed while on training with @DavidRutten in Barcelona whereby error messages are displayed in Rhino, but the ghdata files still get created.


Setting the same path through the component itself in the usual fashion works though.

It seems to me that these components are at the “Show-off toy” stage, but not ready to be used in a production environment, despite this being their real actual potential value.