Wish: Clipping plane - cap clipped objects

I am pretty sure this has been wished for before, but I was unable to find some recent Infos about the current status of this…

So is it possible that we might see this feature in the foreseeable future? I think that some render engines (vray?) already support such a feature but for other engines (like e.g. Octane wich I use…) having a cap function in Rhino seems to be the only option… It would make a pretty nice addition for R7 IMHO , especially if the user would be able to control the material / color of the section .

I would love to hear any feedback

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I logged a YT for exactly this yesterday. I’ve added this thread to it:


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that’s great ! It would actually add a whole new dimension to the usefulness of clipping planes, especially for architecture, where we need sections all the time…

So do you think it will be hard to implement?


I was about to come begging for clipped objects to become snappable on where they are clipped. This YT issue would basically have the same function rigth? Surface for closed objects, curves for open objects, points for curves which you can snap on to and take measurements etc?

This is pretty close to a must have function at least in the AEC industry. Currently you need to create geometry either with make2d, intersect, section tools etc in Rhino or with Grasshopper to be able to measure and annotate clipped locations.

Hi Rasmus -

No, it wouldn’t.
The feature that you are requesting is file as RH-39927. I’ve added your request for it.

Thanks @wim !

RH-39927 is fixed in the latest WIP

and coming back to the original topic:

I have to say that I find it rather sad that it seems that not much efford has been put into working on this:


It would really add a lot of value IMHO to users of advanced rendering pipelines like e.g. Octane. It has been 1.5 years since I initially posted (and as I wrote back then I am pretty sure I was not the first one…)

This is an important feature.



Hi Andreas -

I agree. Note that you can now at least use the luminous back-face trick that Jakob posted here: