Wish: Choose pipeline for display mode

Different graphic cards (Intel) have issues with some of the OpenGL features, so I think each display mode needs the ability to run in software mode. (turn off “Hardware acceleration”). Since it should not be necessary to turn off OpenGL acceleration for all display modes because one mode needs it.


Hi Holo,
You can do this now, not sure how it works with two graphic cards.
see attached image.

Hey, I looked for that but must have overseen it. I thought they had removed it in the release version of V5. Thanks.


Can somebody explain what are the main differences between Display Pipeline WINDOWS and OPENGL?

What is the better choice to work/performance?


Windows is a software based (runs on the CPU)
OpenGL is hardware based (uses the graphic card)

OpenGL is best IF you have a graphic card that supports OpenGL well.
If the grahpic card isn’t good enough then you can see glitches and instabilities and windows mode will be best for that machine.

I see…

Since i use Rhino in this machine with my GTX 780M (gaming card), always working in OPENGL. in fact i have never notice any issues. Although yesterday i`ve notice that rhino show me suface curves that is supposed to be behind solids. For example, if i draw tiny thickness solids, the solids that stay behind, instead of being hidden are not.

Like this: