Block conflict dialog

Continuing the discussion from How edit materials of linked blocks in the assembly file?:

I also ran into this dialog recently, and found it a bit confusing. I wonder if the language could be cleared up a bit, perhaps something more like

Both the imported / inserted model and this file have a block named… Which version would you like to use?

  • The imported / inserted block
  • The block from this file
  • Use both blocks
    New name for imported / inserted model block:


Hi Sam - if I am reading the current dialog and your suggestion correctly, the top two options are reversed… am I right about that? Somewhat reinforces the idea that it is not as clear as it could be…

Here’s my go…

  • Use the block in the current file. ('Model Block in the dialog)
  • Use the incoming block. (File block)
  • Keep both and rename the incoming block.


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