Wish: Being able to delete parts in 'show objects' state

would be very handy to quickly get rid of hidden parts, what do you think?

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HideSwap can be used to swap hidden and visible, then delete and HideSwap back.
Does that do it for you?

Yo. @Holo you are genius! - but wouldn’t it be easier just to be able even in the show hidden state? H

Hehe, sure it would be easier…
and I don’t think it would interfere with any other commands either.

I would definitely use this feature if it was made possible.

Instead of new feature for the selection, I guess the developers can improve Selname command.

The way it works is like “group” command. The only differences is that Selname command gets rid of tedious process of grouping objects. In your case, users can simply select all those objects while modeling them and assign to different categories by naming them in object properties. Furthermore, this feature lets users spend less time to work with layers.
The way layer panel works is not efficient. Users have to find layers and layer trees to put geometries. And a lot of times, users have to turn on and off layers to find geometries.

I’m sure people will love this method… It’s just FAST…Efficient…I might only use layer panels when I assign materials in the very end…

Layers help people manage visibility/selectability and facilitate certain types of hierarchical organization of complex files. Names don’t. Everything has its uses. --Mitch