Swap Visible Space

In Catia there is a button called “Swap Visible Space” which is very usful when trying to find geometry hidden deep down in the tree. You Swap Visible Space turn the Geometry you want on then Swap back. Many people have told me Rhino has this “Hideswap” but this is not the same. If an object is on a layer which is for instance a sub-layer of a sub-layer which is switched off then it can be difficult to find. Is it possible to do “Swap Visible Layers” to find the piece of geometry then find that layer through the geometry. Perhaps there is already a way of doing this I don’t know about.

Does SellAll then ShowAll then Hide do what you need? You could string it all together into a macro if you need it often. Another command that can be helpful is SelName if you have named the objects in question via the Name field in Object Properties when they’re selected.

No- nothing quite that comprehensive - does the tool you are familiar with leave you in that state until you run it again or is it a temporary ‘search for objects’ sort of thing? I need to think about it a little more but from the sound of it, Rhino’s way of handling parent and child layer visibility would probably make difficult to do the former.


It is a temporary state. The screen changes to another color scheme so that
you know you are in that state. Then you pick the object you want to become
visible and Hide it. The you switch states back and its there. The problem
of finding an object becomes more difficult in large work sessions
particularly if someone else has worked on the model and perhaps not put
things where you would have.