(Wish) autoCplane and _cplane _surface should behave the same

autocplane will center the cplane to the surface
_cplane _surface will use the pick-point, then asks for rotation.

to not mess up existing workflows - there might be a new option … feel free to name it shorter:
just trying to be most descriptive:
“Surface Center”

_cplane _surface _center _enter
cplane - as is
surface - as is
center - new option
enter - to accept default U-V rotation

would be cool to have it in the menu on the left or right mouse button.
in the standard menu, it is still empty.

@carla.sologuren @Bernat
… just came across this while you presented
I think this is one of those many small aspects, where similar commands should behave in the same way. there are to many of these inconsistencies also discussed here

Also check this…