Wish : Arc from midpoint

Maybe already is there a solution or script or something ( i did’t find it here yet) but in sketching or quick modeling stages, could be usefull to make arcs starting from the mid point and then, defining the ends simmetrically, something similar to the Parabola or hiperbola behavior as you can see in the attached image:

I found this script from Mitch and Vittorio
[Arc - BothSides?]
Tested both versions and still have to define the center first.
I think it like the circle from diameter and then trim it?

have you tried the regular Arc command except using the option to define the start/end points first then placing the midpoint?

if that’s not right, why not?

where is that option? I don’t understand, surely I missing something

it’s in the command line options.
i’m on Mac so i’m not entirely sure how it works on Windows but when you run the Arc command, there should be options that appear in the command line such as Start, Tangent, Tilted, etc… you can either type the underlined letter in the option to select that option (followed by spacebar/enter)… or i believe you can click on it in the command line with your cursor.

all, or most, Rhino commands have options in the command line.

yes they are options like that but none about midpoint
Anyway I were testing the scripts posted above and get some close to what I want

yep, those… i was suggesting using Start Point / End Point which then allows the midpoint to be moved interactively.

but then again, i’m not exactly sure what you’re after…

i’m now thinking you want to anchor the midpoint first (something has to be anchored first right :wink: )

…then drag out one endpoint of the arc while the other endpoint moves identically/symmetrical as to what you’re doing with the point under your cursor.
is that right?

yes, that’s what I was looking for . but forget that, the script made by mitch, works flawlessly once understood

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