Wish added control Glow by selected object

Glow is a really nice feature that adds a bit of realism to renders.
It would be great to have a control where we could set Rhino to render the glow by selected object and not just its color. Perhaps a global switch to turn this on so other objects that share that color won’t be affected. So, when set to object it would ask for color and object/s to be chosen and any other objects with this color that are not chosen would not render the glow.

And perhaps the percentage control could be better. At zero should it not only glow the chosen color? But I find I have to set it to 20% and anything over that like 21% picks up other similar color values causing unwanted objects to glow.


Got that, thanks.

RH-68307 Rendering post effects: More control for Glow


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Thank you, Pascal