WISH: Add New Material the same way Add New Layer works

You know how we can click here multiple times and have new 10 layers in 3 seconds? Albeit not in 3 seconds because of some inexplicable lag that still is going on with Layer’s menu UI.


But it would be nice/ideal/coherent to be able to do the same with materials. They even have the same icon language.


That’s true - but there aren’t different types of layers.

I assume there are many cases when you would need lots of plaster materials? Or do you end up changing the type later anyway?

Yes, it is common to change it later. Most often than not I need colors, so default plaster is ideal.

As an example C4D offer the choice to change the default type you get when pressing +.

Also Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V instead of right click and duplicate would be great! (you can press Ctrl+V multiple times to duplicate a material quickly x5 times or as many as you like)

And window selection also would be nice.