Wish: 2 reqests for Distribute

• it would be helpful if objects could be distributed along a certain path/curve or given distance

• if the above could be provided it then would also make sense having also 2 objects distribute along that distance instead of currently only 3

Hello - I would use Flow> Rigid=Yes for this - distributing along a curve is rather a different ball of wax than the current Distribute, which works off of CPlane aligned bounding boxes.


hi @pascal

below a schematic which exhibits the issue: currently i have to take the total length of the orange line and deduct n times the box width or the total width in case of different widths and divide the result by the amount of free spaces needed.

i am using it for distributing for instance tables on a distance, or to move chairs along an edge when everything got rearranged but also in some other instances which i then have to calculate manually. distribute along a distance/path would help.

Hello - I see - If the target curve is always a line, then that simplifies things a lot, I can probably make you a script for now, I’ll take a look; for an arbitrary curve, I do not see how it could work other than by centers, (not gaps), which is not what would help, here.