Distribute diferent objects equaly on a curve


I’m trying to distribute diferent geometry ( sometimes include groups ) on a curve.
To do that in rhino I distribute randomly the geometry in between the first and the last object and execute the Distribute function and select X direction to get the result of the image attached. By the way, the selected item in yellow is a group.

I need to do that in GH but I don’t even know where to begin. Honestly I’m pretty lost in this.

I would not like to use any plug-in that has a concrete function, the thing is that I would like to make my own component that includes other things but would not like to depend on external gh components.

Any help will be very much appreciated.


This could be one way.

Geo_Distribution on a line with gap_re.gh (134.4 KB)


and that is why I was having no clue on hopw to do it. OMG.

Thanks so much Kim, you’re a master.

For this solution you need Pufferfish components

gt.gh (16.3 KB)