Wire Cut question

High All,

Newbie here and to Rhino…hell I didn’t even know there where 3 dimensions till a week ago!!

I am just trying to do a wire cut on a part so I can produce the part on a 3d printer with the detail up.

For Some reason its not wanting to cut the piece in half??

What should I be doing? Is there another way to get this part cut in half?


Hello- It looks like your object is not closed- that might be at least part of the problem- run ShowEdges > Naked edges to see where there might be gaps - closing those would be step one I would say. You can SaveSmall and then zip and sent it to tech@mcneel.com for a look as well.


Thank you

Ok so now the edges are closed I think I have tried almost every combination to cut but I end up with the cutting line being attached to one side of the part …which setting do I change to get rid of that and just leave 2 parts cut perfectly ??

On the command line, before completing the command, click “keep all”… Or did I not understand what’s happening?