WIP8: _Save blocks all Rhino instances

When running _Save, the operation blocks all running instances of Rhino WIP8, not just the one where _Save is running. This is annoying, since saving a file can easily take serveral minutes with large models. This didn’t used to be the case in R7.

I’m running 8.0.23227.12305, 2023-08-15

Thank you

hi @axa pls run the _SystemInfo command in Rhino and post back the results. I cannot repeat this issue here.

Hi Gujs,

I’m now on (8.0.23241.14305, 2023-08-29) and can’t repeat the issue either. I tried with several large models, but it all seems fine. Not sure why Rhino locked up when I reported this a couple of weeks ago

Thank you

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thanks for the feedback, good to hear it’s working