WIP UV editor - a few thoughts

Hi McNeel
Just a few thoughts on the new UV editor after using it for a few objects.

  1. It would be nice to be able to select multiple edges when constraining to curves. Say I have 4 islands and they all need to constrain to the same set of curves, it would be nice to select all 4 “similar” edges and THEN the curve.
  2. As already mentioned in another post, the ability to constrain edges to the same curves instead of having to draw new curves for every single island. Or at least the abilty to paste curves into the UV editor, which currently results in this

    and then the texture “disappears” in the UV editor (leaving just the meshes visible) and has to be re-started.
    Regards, Jakob

I will join in.

Could there be also a highlight selected mode working opposite to what it is now?
Right now you can select UVs in the UV Editor and highlight them in the 3D, I would like to select UVs in the 3D Viewport and highlight them in the flat UV Editor.
If not doable in the regular viewports, then maybe UV Editor should have also its own 3D viewport with the isolated object that is being unwrapped?


Hi @Normand thanks for reporting

RH-77461 Constrain edges of multiple islands to a curve at the same time.

This is possible in current beta.

It is possible to undo that here, but still that seems buggy. As a workaround: You can duplicate curves with the gumball currently.
RH-77462 Error dialog when copy-pasting curves in the UV editor

I agree that would be useful:
RH-77464 Select UV islands in the 3d model