Wip text evolution

I’m liking the text options (especially spell check) in the WIP.

I recall way back some people were very dismissive of this, but spell check is an essential tool if you are creating plans with notes etc - not because one can’t spell, but because it flags typos, which can be hard to pick up before something goes to print… Anyway, thanks for that.

I would like to see the notes pane get some love, so it has the same options as the text dialog.
I like to keep notes open while I work and use it constantly…

I’d also like to see the strike-through option added - its a great tool for crossing off stuff completed or otherwise is not needing ongoing attention, but allows you to keep a track of your history as the project evolves…
Of course you could flick back and forth to a word processor, but having all notes right there saved within the rhino file is much much better…


Hi Tony - I asked about rich text in Notes, and I’ve added it to the heap, but I gather it is a much bigger deal than you might expect - not the rich text part itself, so much, but file I/O is affected in ways that makes this a no-go for V6 at this point.


Oh well…
Thanks Pascal

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