Spell check again....?

I notice spell check is working, at least in the text creation dialogs.
I can’t find any info in help about it, so I must have turned it on using the test command (which I’ve forgotten) some time ago.

I have it on in both V7 and V8 and I’ve not noticed anything detrimental because of it.

So what is the story with this – can we expect to see it properly implemented and developed in V8, or is everyone hoping it will just go away because its too boring and hard to deal with?
I know its boring, but its very, very boring sending out documents and drawings with typos that the spell checker could pick up, and having them bought to ones attention by a client or colleagues.
Spell check is essential, not because I never learned how to spell, but because it picks up typos and double words and so on.

I’m a native English speaker, but I pity the poor bastards that have had to learn it as a second language, since its so complex in its grammar rules and positively archaic in its spelling rules, “American English” not withstanding…



It’s not a Rhino feature, so no.
It is a Windows feature and Rhino passes it through into the Rhino U/I you see.


We were seeing several lockups and crashes related to the spell check feature in Windows. We’ll turn the feature back on by default when we are comfortable that crashes won’t happen.